Activités à faire à la maison: Le Corps humain

Activities to do at home: The Human Body

Fingerprint Expansion

 Fingerprints are unique. Each person has a particular type of fingerprint. They were already present before we were born! Here's a fun and super easy way to see them up close.

 All you need is some black paint and a balloon. It's best to use a light colored balloon.

 Put some paint on the tip of a finger, but don't put too much. Then press on a deflated balloon. Then inflate the balloon and watch your prints!

Germ blow painting art



 This is a perfect way to talk about microbes. It's always hard to explain what germs are or what they look like. With this easy little craft, you can make them visible to your kids. A great starting point for talking about the human body and hygiene.




  Liquid watercolor paint (just pour some colors into the water)



  Thick white paper

  Construction paper

  Black marker

  Glue stick


 1- Use a brush to add a small puddle of paint on the thick paper.

 2- Place the straw over the paint spot. Blow into the straw to spread the paint drops in all directions.

 3- Try blowing directly on the paint stain, blowing left and right. See how many different shapes you can create with the watercolors.

 4- Now continue with as many colors as you like and let dry.

 5-Draw eyes on the construction paper and cut them out.

6-It only remains to glue the eyes on the microbes.



Make a spine model



Egg carton

 Construction paper

 Pipe cleaner



 1. Cut out the cups from the empty egg carton

2. Cut the paper into small circles or rounded squares to match the shape and size of the bottom of your paper cups.

 3. Make a small hole in the center of each of the cups and circles.

 4. Thread a paper cup onto the pipe cleaner, then a paper circle.

 5. Repeat step #4 until you have finished threading all the paper cups and circles.


 Have your child move and position the egg carton spine model to show what their spine looks like. Try some yoga moves! For example, do a cat pose, then slowly move into a cow pose. Your kids will be amazed at how important the spine is to everyday activities!

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