Activités à faire à la maison: Sous l’océan

Activities to do at home Under the sea

Octopus : 


 Bubble wrap

 2 White construction paper

 1 white paper

 Acrylic paint - blue, purple a variety of colors

 Glue stick



 Black pen


1- Cut the bubble wrap into strips (8).

2- Paint a strip in the color of your choice. Glue it on the two white construction papers until it is covered.

3- Let the stripes and the paper dry.

4- Meanwhile, cut out two white circles from the white paper. With the black pen, draw the eyes.

5- When the construction paper is dry, cut out the head of the octopus.

6- Glue the 8 strips of bubble wrap inside the construction paper and cover it with the other half. Use the stapler to attach the sides.

7- Now glue the eyes on the octopus.


Rainbow fish 


 Printable rainbow fish template

 1 stick of celery

 Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple paint


1- Cut a celery stalk into 6 pieces. Put the rainbow paint in bowls and ask the children to dip the celery pieces in it.

2- Starting from the front of the fish, dab the celery on the model to create fish scales!



Swimming Fish

This simple science experiment demonstrates the concept of surface tension to your child with just a little craft and a little water. 

What you'll need:

 A large rectangular pan or cookie sheet with sides

 Heavy construction paper, card stock, thin cardboard or craft foam


 Dish soap

1-Draw fish shapes about 2 inches long from paper, cardboard or foam. Cut out the fish shapes. Make a small rectangular slit in the back of the tail of each fish. Pour an inch of water into the pan or cookie sheet. 

2-Place a fish or two in the water at one end of a container. Immediately add a drop of dish soap to the fish's tail slit and then watch the fish fly. (Small hands may need a little help the first time.) Add fresh water to the container to repeat the experiment. Try designing fish in different shapes. Who swims faster? Elegant sharks or round puffer fish? What happens if you add finely ground pepper to the water and repeat the experiment?




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