Activités à faire à la maison: Safari

Activities to do at home: Safari

1.elephant paws This is a pretty fun activity for little ones! All you need are two large cans, white paint, string and scissors. Clean the cans well and dry them. Paint the toes on the cans white. Once the paint is dry, all you have to do is poke holes in the side and tie a string to it. That's it! Now your toddler can use them as stilts. Climb on the canes and hang on to the ropes. 2. A cute snake sock. What can we do with all those lonely socks? Well, we have the solution for you. All you need is a sock, some stuffing (example cotton or other socks), a tongue (piece of red cotton), eyes, a hot glue gun and a rubber band. Fold the end of the sock, where the toes would be, and place the tongue on it. Glue it in place, holding it until it's secure. Next, glue the eyes over the mouth. Let them dry. Fill the sock with stuffing. Tie the end with a rubber band. 3. Giraffe skin The following activity demonstrates an interesting scientific phenomenon called capillarity. It is the ability of a liquid to rise naturally despite the force of gravity. All you need is watercolor paint, a paintbrush, a glass with water and a paper towel roll. Drop some paint on the paper towel. You will see the color spread; this is an example of capillary action! The more drops of paint you add to the paper towel, the more giraffe skin you will get. 4. The Face of a Lion🦁 Oli The Beaver has an activity for you to enjoy the beautiful weather☀️! To start, you'll need to go outside and collect maple leaves. 🍂 Materials: 1. Face of a lion 🦁 2. Maple leaves ( about 12 leaves) 🍂 3. Liquid glue Put the glue around the Lion face 🦁 and stick the leaves to it.🕵️♂️👩🎨

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