Activités à faire à la maison: Les pirates

Activities to do at home: Pirates

Pirate Telescope


Cardboard roll

Plastic wrap


Paint of any color & brushes


Plastic jewelry 

Line up the paint on the counter and ask your child to choose their favorite color. Invite them to paint the cardboard roller by themselves.

While they are painting, cut a square of plastic wrap just large enough to cover one end of the cardboard roller. When the paint is dry, place the plastic wrap over one end of the roller and secure it by wrapping a rubber band around it.

Next, take out the plastic jewelry and let your child decorate by gluing it all over.

Pirate Hook


A cup

Aluminum foil

Masking tape


Take a long piece of aluminum foil, roll it lengthwise, then fold the foil to make it nice and tight.

Using a pair of scissors, cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. Form the foil into a hook shape, leaving a long straight end.

Thread the hook through the hole you made.

Attach the hook to the cup with a piece of masking tape, leaving enough foil sticking out for the kids to hold the hook.

Pirate science has fun with "explosive" treasure chests.


Baking soda

Ice cube tray


Jell-O powder (optional)

Coins or other items

Precious stones

Glitter (optional)


Mix water, baking soda and Jell-O powder.

Fill the ice cube trays halfway.

Now add some small "treasures". You can use coins, beads or gems.

Fill the tray with the rest of the mixture and put it in the freezer overnight.

  1. Place the frozen ice cubes on plates and pour a few drops of vinegar over them. What do you see?

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