Activités à faire à la maison: Les Aliments

Activities to do at home:Nutrition

What food is it?

This game is great for kids of all ages. It also has the added benefit of encouraging your children to explore new foods in a healthy way.


Selection of different foods with different tastes and textures. (We used: lime, watermelon, chocolate, banana, carrot, cucumber, cheese, almond butter)

Blindfold or similar object to cover the eyes

Have your child close his or her eyes and put the blindfold on. Give your child different foods (one at a time) and ask him/her to guess what they are. They can describe what it feels and tastes like in their mouth.

Here are some suggested questions to help the child discover the food: salty, sweet, bitter, soft, hard, crunchy



Cotton candy


Page with Cotton Candy shape,

Shaving cream,

Liquid glue,

Paint (we used red)

We love to make paint with different materials. This time, we're featuring cotton candy with shaving cream. To start, mix equal parts shaving cream and glue. Add a small amount of red paint. Mix the ingredients together to make a puffy paint.

Have the children "paint" cotton candy on their paper. Let dry for at least 24 hours.


Lime Paint


Green paint


White page

Our kids loved seeing the file shape printed on the page!

To do this activity, you need to cut the file in half and put the paint in a flat container. Soak the file with paint (we recommend not using too much paint to print the details of the file). Then, stamp the file on the white sheet. 

Initier les enfants au tri sélectif 

Reliez chaque déchet a sa poubelle.

Téléchargez le PDG gratuitement


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