Activités à faire à la maison: La ferme

Activities to do at home: The farm

Ideas to do at home! SHEEP SHEARING This was a really fun activity to do on the balcony at home! The kids spent hours doing it and laughed a lot! All you need is a large picture of a sheep, shaving cream for the "wool", a foam brush or large wooden stick for "shears" and a tray to catch the "wool". Attach the picture of the sheep to a wall or post and add shaving cream all over it. Set up the challenge by placing "shears" and buckets next to the sheep shaving cream. And you're all set! Why not milk the cow: A super fun way to understand how to milk the cow! For this activity you will need: latex gloves, black or brown permanent marker, tape, milk, needle, clothes pin and cups. To begin, draw cow spots on the gloves with the permanent markers. Fill the gloves with milk. Hang on any surface with the clothespin or string. Place cups under each glove. When your children are ready to play, poke a small hole with your needle in the fingertips of each glove. Let your toddlers squeeze the fingertips and try to get all the milk into the cup. Milking the cow, children's activity How do you bounce an egg? A very fun activity to do with children! However, to avoid a big mess, we strongly suggest you follow the recommendations 😊 you need: a raw egg, a glass jar and white vinegar. 1. Carefully place the raw egg in the jar. If it cracks, you need to remove it and try again. 2. Fill the jar with white vinegar until the whole egg is immersed in the vinegar. 3. Leave the egg in the vinegar for 2 days. 4. Carefully remove the egg and rinse it with water. 5. Bounce the egg by holding it 1 to 2 inches above a surface and letting it go. Tip: You'll want to do this on a plate in case the egg breaks. 6. When your kids are done bouncing the egg, set it down at a higher distance and watch the egg explode!

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