Activités à faire à la maison: Dia de los Muertos!

Activities to do at home Dia de los Muertos!



Nothing is more delicious and fun than decorating marshmallows. All you need for this activity are marshmallows and edible pencils or sharpie pencils in various colors. If you use sharpie pencils do not let the kids eat the marshmallows! Edible pencils can be purchased at Walmart or Michael's. Draw the marshmallows with the skull and crossbones, fill in with flowers, colors and hearts!




2.Skull in modeling clay

This is a great activity to practice shapes, colors and play with clay. All you need is the clay, the flower and figure molds and a printer! 

1-Print the skull template from our blog. Let the child have fun with the clay by creating flowers, figures and more to decorate the skull like in the Day of the Dead! 

Crâne en pâte  à modeler


 3 The evil pond: Zigotos magic potion:




1 cup of cornstarch

4 cups of water

green food coloring

fun props that could be in a witch's broth.

A large witch's pot (Dollorama) or tub.

*You can double the recipe to make a larger pond.




Pour the water into a large pot and gradually add the cornstarch, stirring to avoid lumps. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, until the broth begins to thicken. When the mixture begins to resist (like a saucer-like texture), remove it from the heat. You can add the coloring and continue stirring. The mixture will continue to thicken slightly.






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